I am known as a Pum. Our race changed like many others with the Great Burning. Suddenly we were able to think beyond just kill, eat, sleep and mate. Always a fierce people, we were able to learn to use weapons and learned to speak with better meaning. We even learned the language of the Pupils.

In their infinite wisdom, the Na Figan placed our lands near the Great Hole as they knew my people had the fierceness, strength and prowess to battle any outsiders who would try to enter the valley. Honor and loyalty are as important to us as breathing and we are great warriors.

We live peacefully with all other inhabitants of the Valley, with the Brun being our closest neighbors. From time to time we see one of the Na Figan, but usually they only come around with an outsider comes to the Valley that we cannot handle, which almost never happens.


Strength: – 19
Constitution: – 10.5
Size: – 16.5
Intelligence: – 10.5
Power: – 13
Dexterity: – 19
Appearance: – 10.5
Education: – 10.5

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