I am known as a Lupas. My race changed after the Great Burning. First we grew smarter, which allowed us to learn to use tools, as well as being able to learn the language of the Pupils. Then we began to change the way we lived. But, even though we can change our world, we still live in harmony with nature. Ours is a simple life, but also a rich one.

We have also learned to walk on two legs, like the Pupils who live in the Refuge. They are great friends of ours and we view them as our brothers. We have successful trade with them, allowing us to have access to the quality things they make.

The Brun also live near us and we benefit by being friendly with them as well. They are great healers, coming by it naturally. They have no enemies in the valley and are the only race that travels freely in the different lands.

The Pum live closest to the Great Hole. Because of this, they tend to be very aggressive as they have to fight off more of the monsters than any of the other races.

Course we don’t fight with anyone who lives in the Valley, as the Na Figan would not permit it. They have always been here and are quick to stop any violence that may come between the races who live here. The also help us protect our lands from the creatures that live outside the Valley, moving quickly to remove any that enter the Valley.


Strength: – 13
Constitution: – 10.5
Size: – 13
Intelligence: – 10.5
Power: – 10.5
Dexterity: – 13
Appearance: – 10.5
Education: – 10.5

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