I am known as a Brun. With the shadow days after the Great Burning, my race went through the change. We suddenly knew much more than we had before and could learn to use things to help us in the Valley. We also began to join larger groups of our kind, but unlike the others in the Valley, we never found the need to build permanent shelters.

We grew able to walk on two legs much easier than we had in the past. We learned to speak the language of the Pupils, the humans who live in the Refuge at the western end of the valley and also learned to use tools.

The ability to heal others came naturally to us and also helped us make friends with the other people who call the Valley home. To the west of the lands we call home live the Lupas, with the Pupils living just beyond them. To the east of the lands live the Pum. While friendly with us, the Pum are fierce warriors who watch over the Great Hole and keep any outsiders who cross it from entering the Valley.

While we do not have villages, we do have two trading centers, one at the west end of our lands and one at the east. The only race we find strange are the Na Figan. They are a race of shape changers who do not seem to have a permanent home anywhere in the Valley. But they defend the Valley from any outsiders who manage to climb over the mountains which line the Valley.


Strength: – 20.5
Constitution: – 13
Size: – 20.5
Intelligence: – 10.5
Power: – 10.5
Dexterity: – 10.5
Appearance: – 10.5
Education: – 10.5

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