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    To view the character creation guidelines, click the link below. [[Character Creation | Character Creation]] To view the professions available to the characters, click the links below. [[Craftsperson Profession | Craftsperson]] [[Healer …

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    h2. The Beginning Not too much is known about the way the world was before the Great Burning. No records exist in The Valley from this time; any that did exist have long since faded away as the challenge of surviving outweighed the need for keeping …

  • Religion

    There are two beings who are revered among the Pupils, [[:the-teacher | The Teacher]] and The Vaquero. The Brun, Lupas and Pum tend to worship the elements. [[Main Page | Back]] to the main wiki page.


    To read about the creatures of the Gamma World, click on the links below. [[Brun | Brun (Bear Folk)]] - A race of mutated black bear people. [[Lupas | Lupas (Wolf Men)]] - A race of mutated coyote people. [[Na Figen | Na Figen]] - A race of …