The Verdale Monte – Valley of Life Campaign begins in a place known as the Refuge. The Pupils, as the humans of the Refuge call themselves, have lived here for many generations. Any players that decide to play Mutanted Animals will be members of the Refuge as well, but will not be Pupils. Exactly how much time has passed is not known, as the records of the times past are sketchy at best.

The Pupils are made up of 2 different social castes. The Leorran caste, are the scholars of the valley. They know how to read and write and make up the members of the council that governs the Refuge. Subclasses in the Leorran caste are, Healer, Scribe or Shaman.

The Athlen caste, are the members of society who do the physical labor. Generally they have not been taught to read and write. They make up the bulk of the members of the Refuge. A number of subclasses exist in the Athlen caste. To see the Hunters class, which the players should belong to has the fewest members and to view the skills and information for this profession, click the link here. They are highly trained in the art of killing and the members of the Refuge look to them for all defensive needs. At present, there are 218 hunters. Other Athlen classes are Craftsperson, Mechanic and Tribesman.

The Refuge is actually 11 small villages, with populations numbering from 100 to 370. The total population of the valley at the last census, taken earlier this year was, 6770 Pupils.

The other races, Brun, Lupas and Pum also have the same professions available to them as the Pupils.

There is only one main way into or out of the valley, and this ‘entrance’ is rumored to be toward the east end of the valley past the Great Hole, which is over 100 miles away. No one has travelled very far from the Refuge or journeyed to the ‘entrance’ in the recorded history, which spans over 9 generations.

More information about the campaign can be learned by following the different links in the nav bar. The campaign itself is a typical Gamma World campaign, using the Basic Role Playing rules. It will start off as a low tech campaign with the party finding various artifacts as the campaign continues. The Valley campaign will use modified Gamma World mutations changed to fit the Basic Role Playing system.

The character creation entry in the Wiki has all of the rules information about the campaign to create a character. At present, only the hunter template is available, but that will change as I add other character professions, hopefully before the campaign begins. All characters must be approved by myself before the campaign starts, and I encourage the players to discuss with me their character concept before submitting their characters for my approval.

The races entry in the Wiki has information about the races who inhabit the valley. The original campaign allowed the players to only play humans, either Pure Strain or Mutated, but I’m expanding this to allow the players to play also Mutated animals and Mutated plants. For Mutated animals, currently there are 3 standard animal races to select from, but if a player wants to play a different Mutated animal, he must choose a template of one of the animals which inhabit the valley naturally and will be a single altered animal, not one of the established races.

The items entry will have information that each character will need know about what is available for purchase or trade in the Refuge. Prices will be listed, but these are considered the average for an item that can be created in the characters home town or brought in from another town. Prices will vary once the campaign begins.

There is some trade between the Refuge and the rest of the inhabitants of the valley, but the prices will only be based on those items that would be found at the Refuge.

The history entry in the Wiki has information about the known history of the valley. A brief ancient past history will deal with how the world was at the time of the Great Burning. Since just surviving was more important when the ‘Pupils’ were brought to the valley, much of the information from that time was not written down. This has become a time of myth and legend for that reason.

The religion entry in the Wiki talks about the main religion, the worship of the Teacher. There are no other religions in the Refuge, so even if the players do not follow the Teacher, they will know about that religion.

The maps tab has information about the world as the players know it, plus it will also have maps of the area surround the Refuge in the valley.

The animals entry in the Wiki will have information on what animals inhabit the area near the Refuge in the valley. Alot of the valley has not been explored, so there could be more different kinds of animals than what is shown.

Finally the monsters entry in the Wiki will have information about the occasional monsters which enter the valley from the out side.

I’m going to make an effort to include an adventure log for each session.

The Verdale Monte - The Valley Of Life

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