Pupil (Altered)



I am known as a Pupil, or also known as an Altered Human. My people came from outside the Valley, at the time of the Great Burning. The Teacher brought us here to protect us from what was happening outside the Valley. Unlike the rest of the people of the Valley, the Brun, Lupas and Pum, we didn’t live here before.

Some of us, though we are few were touched by the Great Burning and have developed fantastic abilities, or devastating defects. I on the other hand have not been touched by the Great Burning and are most like those who were known as the Ancients.

Whether touched or not, our kind lives to the west of the Great Barrier, which the Na Figen built when we first arrived. At the time, the other peoples of the Valley were not yet civilized, but that has changed and now we all live in peace.

From time to time, outsiders will come over the rugged mountains which surround the Valley and the Na Figen, our neighbors or we will drive away the invaders. Whenever the outsiders come, it is never for peace, but war. Such is our life.

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Pupil (Altered)

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